Install R Studio on Win8 - my studio is upside down

Hello! I installed RStudio version 1.3.1073 and than reinstalled version 1.2.5042, but when I started my studio it turned upside down (both version are upside down). With what it can be connected? What needs to be done to make the studio 'normal'? My OS Win 8.1

R Studio renders content as a web page. I am uncertain if they use an internal browser for this or your computer's default rendering engine.

I would Google

web page rendering upside down
and see if any of the results related to you. It seems there was an issue with a dev channel build of chrome a few years back, which I wouldn't consider potentially relevant save for the fact you are on a fairly ancient Win OS.

First steps:

  1. With any visual issue in the R Studio IDE my first recommendation is this solution: Launch R Studio while holding the Ctrl key to allow you to set the rendering engine to "Software."
  1. As cliche as it is, I would try a system restart. There's no specific reason to think this would work, but it works so often for so many problems it is worth trying.

  2. I would try would be to update your chrome installation (and any other browsers you may have installed) and see if that has any effect.

If none of those remedy your issue I would consider other options such as

  • Uninstalling and re-installing R Studio (perhaps trying legacy versions to see if they work better with the outdated OS).
    Older Versions - Posit Documentation
    I would start with RStudio Desktop 0.99.903 and, assuming that works properly, install more recent versions until they fail to work properly.
  • Lastly, I'd advise updating your OS to Windows 10 if you are able to.

Thank you! I changed "Rendering Engine" to "Software" and Studio works normal! Thanks

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