Install new fonts (version 1.2.5001 on Ubuntu 18.04)

I am trying to install Fira Code (a new font) onto RStudio, but am unable - the font does not appear in the drop-down list after installation to my computer. Tried on Windows 10 and it works fine.


Ligature fonts (like Fira Code) are not supported on linux/server versions, and also, font installation is system specific, is not related to RStudio IDE

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Fira Code in RStudio! For U-Linux!
(version 1.2.5001 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit)
Just my past quick notes. YMMV...
Hope this helps you.
Go Huskies! :slight_smile:


  1. In Rstudio Terminal: $ sudo apt install fonts-firacode
  2. Restart Rstudio
  3. in Tools / Appearance / Editor Font: choose FIRA Code and Apply.
  4. Enjoy! Test in Console Panel: x <- abc (for arrow shortcut: ALT-minus).
    (arrow will now appear as smooth Ligature arrow!)
    note: fira fonts files should be in home/share/usr/fonts
    First: D/L the FiraCode Font:
    Rstudio INSTR... DL&Install: go here 1st!
    RStudio instructions · tonsky/FiraCode Wiki · GitHub
    GitHub - tonsky/FiraCode: Free monospaced font with programming ligatures
    direct D/L link: might not be the latest version - CHECK!
    Second: In the root/usr/share/opentype/firacode folder:
    double-click each TTF font file
    and click “Install font”;

Here's how you get there:
(to INSTALL DL Fonts) in Rstudio:
(1) Download and install @FiraCode,
(2) in @rstudio, go to Tools > Global Options > Appearance,
(3) change font to Fira Code,
(4) TICK "Use ligatures", and
(5) marvel at the beautiful code! @rstudiotips YES!

@Sfdude it worked great! Thank you!

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Hi Adam, great it worked!.

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Thanks, Adam!. good luck!.

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