How to stop the "View PDF" navigation sidebar from appearing by default

I've used RStudio for 5 years but in recent months I've noticed that after clicking "Knit", the "View PDF" window that appears has started to include a sidebar obscuring the content:

Each time I run knit, I need to click the icon for "Toggle Sidebar" to make it go away. (And I use the "View PDF" window so frequently that it's annoying to toggle this sidebar repeatedly.)

Today I upgraded from 1.4.1103 to 1.4.1106 but the problem is still there. I've done a search on the Help documentation, and tried resizing the "View PDF" window to move the sidebar out of the way -- but RStudio always forgets the most recent window size, so that didn't work. Does anyone know a way to change the default behaviour so that the sidebar stops blocking content? Thanks!


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