How to select separate sets of markers on the same map using input$map_marker_click?


I'm creating an R shiny leaflet dashboard that contains a set of markers for a set of origin points, and another for destination points. I can add one set of markers, but as soon as I add a second, things get messy. I've tried to use the filter approach described by @jlacko in this post to no avail:

Any suggestions? I don't have a repress, but the post I link to has one.

I am afraid you will need to elaborate a bit on the "things get messy" part.

Are you adding two sets of markets in a single step? or are you updating an existing map based on some user input? What have you tried and what error message seems to be the problem?

If possible include a piece of a reproducible code that illustrates the messy behaviour in your question.

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