How to post questions about forum now that there is no Meta category?

There used to a category called Meta (I think), where topics about the forum itself could be found and posted. How should such topics be posted now?

General is fine...there were so few questions, it didn't make sense visually to allocate that much real estate to having a distinct forum.

What's your question?

Thanks, @randyzwitch : There's an exitsting base-r tag I tried to use today, but it seemed to have triggered a 500 error (I think that was the right number) the first time, but simply ignored it when I tried again, so I was curious to know what might be going on.

As part of de-duplicating the tags, base-r has been rolled in r, but the tag can still be accessed via URLs:


Thanks for confirming — I was thinking that might be the case, but here is why I thought to explicitly distinguish between the r and base-r tags: In Using `as.Date()` in `mutate()` yields incorrect dates, the issue was the behavior of the base R function as.Date(), which differs in behavior from lubridate::as_date().

Because Discourse doesn't allow periods in tag names, I used as-date as a tag, but wanted to make clear it referred to the base R function, so I added the base-r tag, too. Rolling the base-r tag into the r tag, however, further obscures the meaning of as-date since without the period, it could be perceived as referring to the lubridate function, making it difficult to search specifically for the as.Date() function.

This returns the same collection as using the r tag to search instead, which is consistent with the de-duplication you described.

Any chance the base-r and r tags can be allowed to preserve separate meanings?

I'm fairly certain I can undo the re-direct, though it's unlikely to put the category tags back to what they might've been in the past.

Ultimately, I'd just love it if people used categories and tags at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Edit: base-r should now be a distinct tag (only shows two results, not sure if there were more before)

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Thanks @randyzwitch , and yes there were only two results before, too.

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