How to give bar labels using barplot() function in Rstudio


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how to show bar labels on top of each bar in a bar plot in Rstudio.
Amod Shirke

I don't know about doing it with base graphs (i.e. barplot) but you can do it with ggplot2 with a combination of geom_bar and geom_text. Here is an example:

#> Attaching package: 'dplyr'
#> The following objects are masked from 'package:stats':
#>     filter, lag
#> The following objects are masked from 'package:base':
#>     intersect, setdiff, setequal, union

df <- tribble(
  ~x, ~fraction, ~group,
  "not_exempt", 0.08, "med_assist",
  "not_exempt", 0.04, "hospitilized",
  "exempt", 0.09, "med_assist",
  "exempt", 0.08, "hospitilized"

df %>% 
  mutate(x = factor(x)) %>% 
  ggplot(aes(x = x, y = fraction, fill = group)) + 
  geom_bar(stat = "identity", position = "dodge") + 
  geom_text(aes(y = fraction + 0.001, label = fraction, 
                x = if_else(group == "hospitilized", as.numeric(x) - 0.2, as.numeric(x) + 0.2)))
#> Warning: package 'bindrcpp' was built under R version 3.4.4

Created on 2018-09-08 by the reprex package (v0.2.0).

Here are a couple of references that show how to add per-bar labels to plots created with base graphics barplot():

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