Factor category and barplot help

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I have another doubt to trouble you...sorry for that...:grinning:
I have taken the iris dataset as an example as the target variable is a categorical variable with 3 categories

  1. Setosa
  2. Virginica
    Do we have to assign a number like 1 to Setosa 2 to Versicolor and 3 to Virginica and then convert it to a factor variable
    just convert it to a factor variable without assigning and number to each category....
    Amod Shirke

Hi Amod,

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When you convert a variable to a factor, it will automatically assign an integer to each level.

Applying the function as.factor applies factor levels in alphanumeric order.

Check out the factor chapter of R4DS,

It actually has a few nice examples of converting variables into factors, plotting them, and then refactoring their levels.