How to estimate a parameter in R- sample with replace

I have a txt file with numbers that looks like this - (with 100 numbers)

  [1]   7.1652348   5.6665965   4.4757553   4.8497086  15.2276296  -0.5730937
  [7]   4.9798067   2.7396933   5.1468304  10.1221489   9.0165661  65.7118194
 [13]   5.5205704   6.3067488   8.6777177   5.2528503   3.5039562   4.2477401
 [19]  11.4137624 -48.1722034  -0.3764006   5.7647536 -27.3533138   4.0968204

I need to estimate theta MLE parameter from this distrubution -

and I need to estimate theta from a sample of 1000 observations with replace, and save the sample.

How can I estimate theta like this? I have no information about normal distrubation

Take a look at this: FAQ: Homework Policy

I'll give you a hint - you need to calculate the MLE on paper first. You're given a distribution and will need to do a bit of calculus to find the MLE. Then plug in your numbers into what you end up with on paper in R.

Hi, thank's for your answer.

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