How to create Home page In R shinywebtool

I have idea of creating webtool but i dont know how to create Home page in it any one have any idea or any tutorial or source for it?

If you have more questions please ask.
I'm not sure what you mean about home page that would be different from making a shiny app.
Here is a source of lessons for you on how to start with Shiny,
Hope you come back !

What are those URLs for ?

to show u, the kind of web pages im talking about

how to write place text on image

Your question is more about web development, so topics such as HTML and CSS would seem important for you to understand. the resource I use myself as a good reference for this. but googling around you can find endless numbers of tutorials in these areas.

The first link shows an image
with the heading text baked in, i.e. to replicate this approach one would use an image creation tool. paint/GIMP/photoshop etc, they typically provide text over image tools.

It is possible to overlay text over an image.
You would set an image as the background of a div and add an h tag for the header etc.
As I said this is more a pure web-development question than a shiny one per-say.
Apart from shiny has a particular way you should place your image assets etc, in a www subfolder of your project, and you would reference the image as a relative URL assuming you were in the www folder.

great answer thank you for your patience

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