How to create a shortcut for promise pipe %...>%

when I press ctrl+shift+m I get magrittr pipe %>% I want to setup promise pipe on some shortcut like ctrl+shift+p or something. How can I do it??

It is a shortcut setting process.

  • open your RStudio
  • click Tools -> Keyboard Shortcuts
  • type the key value: pipe, you will find the shortcut named by Insert Pipe Operator
  • set the shortcut you want

Thanks for replying but that shortcut is default for magrittr pipes. I mean insert pipe operator actually inserts magrittr pipe like


what i want to insert is promise package pipe


Hope you get the difference.

The simplest option is to make a code snippet with a very short trigger. Pressing Shift+Tab after typing the entire trigger will immediately insert the snippet, and you can control the post-insert cursor position from the snippet definition.

To get a true keyboard shortcut (with command key modifiers) for an arbitrary snippet of text, you can make an RStudio Add-In, which can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts.
Inserting snippets via keyboard shortcut is one of the intended use cases for add-ins and there are already packages out there that include useful common bits of text, such as remedy for inserting Markdown formatting. The addinslist add-in can help you find more cool add-ins.

Maybe somebody else has already done an all-the-magrittr-pipes add-in? If not, maybe you could contribute one! :grin:


I've done a few of the magrittr pipes ad-in:


Thanks for such a great suggestion. I loved it

I was able to create shoftcut for zeallot package and promise package. I am sure I am going to be using them quite a lot.

It works like charm thanks.