How do I Update the Version of RStudio in Anaconda


I completed a clean installation of ANACONDA and created a new environment for running R with RStudio. the RStudio that was installed during the environment creation process in ANACONDA is older thaan the new version, when I checked the RStudio update link. How do I update the version of RStudio that is running on ANACONDA?

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Rstudio doesn't support Anaconda so you are limited to the version they provide

To add to the answer a bit: based on number of problems people have with Anaconda's version of RStudio on this forum, I would highly advise not to use it at all. Installing RStudio and R packages is straightforward and you won't depend on third party to update either.

And maybe for my own curiosity - where do you come across instructions to install RStudio through Anaconda? In my bubble I have never seen anyone recommend doing so, so I'm very curious what would be the reason for that.

When using anaconda, you get the opportunity to install it directly from conda repo

You even get a button for that directly in anaconda navigator. So that why I think from anaconda user point of view, it could be what is recommended.

@webzest I think you can update RStudio that is inside anaconda using conda or from the interface Anaconda Navigator.

There is no newer RStudio version available on the Anaconda Navigator.

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Thank you for the support and guidance about this question. I was aware of the "Install Specific Version" drop-down and did not see the actual current version that is available on the RStudio Web site itself, so I wanted to know if there was a way to manually install it into the ANACONDA Platform.

@mishabalyasin @cderv

people who want to train a deep learning model usually need anaconda environment, which provides a better toolbox including RStudio, Jupyter and so on. I found if you wanna build a perfect deep learning training model, Anaconda is a very productive choice. However, RStudio and Reticulate solution looks pretty buggy in this toolchain so far.

see more in Deep Learning Training Experience on Windows 10 and Anaconda Need Improve

Wish Rstudio team can provide a better solution from setting up CUDA, Anaconda, RStudio, Reticulate, Tensorflow, Keras on Windows 10 to train and inference model on Spark.


OK, that's very interesting that this would be a vector to use Anaconda.

Again, from my limited perspective I wouldn't start with something Anaconda even for that since virtualenv/venv are more light-weight alternative that don't lock you in to a vendor. Past that I would just go with full Docker approach and not depend even on OS.

But thanks a lot for sharing your perspective. As I've said, it's always good to expand my bubble a bit :slight_smile:

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