Deep Learning Training Experience on Windows 10 and Anaconda Need Improve

I am trying to train deep learning model using keras R package and related Anaconda, Rstudio toolchains on Windows 10. However, I found it is not production-ready at all.

Hope the rstudio-keras team can solve these issues as soon as possible. see the more issue information:

Due to these bug issues, I have to switch to JupyterLab and Mxnet with GPU, which is more productive.

The associated issue you linked to appears to have been solved. Can you provide more details as to what problem you're seeing, exactly?

As the solution says, The Anaconda version RStudio will lead a wrong way, in that, the most of deep learning tutorials are linked to anaconda which will introduce more people get confusing set-up experience.

So, to update the Anaconda version RStudio or write an official introduction blog seems a better option.

After Tensorflow 2.0 published, the most of API conflicts were fixed. In my experience, installing tensorflow by virtualenv which works on my laptop without any error anymore.

In conclusion, training your deep learning model in RStudio without anaconda is the best option right now.

You should also (hopefully) have success using Anaconda environments, with tensorflow installed through pip (from PyPI) rather than the Conda repositories. This is the workflow generally recommended by the RStudio TensorFlow team.

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