How can I compare the source code of different versions of R?

I would like to start a discussion about a recent minor security bug I found in R 4.1.2. Its minor because it is only in certain versions of R and prevents you from using certain versions of R. However, I am unsure how the R source code is organized or maintained, so I cannot compare to find the cause of the bug.

Can you help me better understand how the R source code is organized?
How can I compare base R source across versions in order to help find a bug? (4.1.1 vs. 4.1.2)

Location of the source code:

Relevant Background:
Basically the anti-virus bug has resurfaced in 4.1.2, but with a whole new variant that prevents even the use of non-privileged user from starting up R. It now blocks internet.dll as well and does it regardless of where or R is installed. Here are some references to past iterations of the bug:

I learned from research R source code found in now has github: . I even think I found files behind the bug internet.c and the folder "internet" . However, I was not clear to me immediately the line of code causing the Antivirus to misfire.

Now what I have noticed from a fresh install is that certain versions work and certain versions do not. The bug is in version 4.0.0 and version 4.1.2; but its is not in version 4.1.1 or version 4.0.5. So I am pretty sure by comparing between versions I can find the line or line(s) of code and then set up a proper discussion. But I cannot tell which GitHub branch corresponds to which version of the code.

And that where I am stuck... I cannot make heads or tales of what it means by tags vs. branches vs. trunk.

Starting a discussion about this bug is important to me because it goes directly to the heart of this article:
I just need a little help figure out how the core R package is organized. Which is why I am reaching to to anyone with SVN or GitHub experience to help.

R 4.1.2 source code here and 4.1.1 here.

Thank you. I am working on the post right now.

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