Host Flexdashboard on Blogdown site

I would like to host my flexdashboard on a my blog via blogdown. However, this does not seem to work despite following some of the suggestions in the links below.

Several people have asked similar questions but there seems to be no resolution:

I was hoping that I could create an html file in my static folder and then link to that in my blog post to pop over to the dashboard. I continue to get an error that this path isn't correct.

I tried something that seems very cumbersome and not the correct/reasonable way to do it, and it seems to have worked. :exploding_head: I put my rmarkdown document and the related html version with my flexdashboard in the static folder. I then put that html document in the post folder and linked to that in my blog post's Rmarkdown, and then that worked.

You can see it here. Please ignore the sorry state of the post if you see it before I finish it, but I wanted to share the example before I finish the post.

But what is the easier way!?!?! I can link other file types (pictures, pdfs) from my static folder to my posts with ease. It seems like this should be possible for supported file types like html.

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