Blogdown and Flexdashboard


I'm trying to build a website with blogdown where I can publish all the different analysis I've completed. Some of them were built with flexdashboard. Can I use flexdashboard with blogdown? If so, what should I add to the header?

title: Blogdown flexdashboard
author: ""
date: 'YYYY-MM-DD'
slug: " "
  - R
  - flexdashboard
  - R Markdown

Could I add output at the end with flexdashboard?



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Hi- I believe you can do this (I have not tested it out specifically with flexdashboard), but you cannot put the .Rmd file in your content/ folder- it will need to live somewhere else in your project directory. See instructions here:



Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Yes, instructions are great, easy to follow.

I will get back if further questions. I've followed the four steps (create R folder and build.r, host the file in the static folder and serve the site), and it seems it's not working. I will double-check the steps again and repeat the whole process.

Thanks a lot again.

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