Git Tab no longer appearing

I am having the same exact issue as described here, which is now closed:

I noticed this after upgrading my Macbook to Catalina.

Git is installed:

(base) QST-ML-0208:~ btibert$ whereis git

Rstudio recognizes git


But the project open within Rstudio does not


And last but not, least I previously managed this project via git prior to the upgrade. Worth noting is that I actually uninstalled Rstudio this morning, and reinstalled it just now, no dice.

Proof this is a git project on my machine:

My system info:

"Darwin Kernel Version 19.2.0: Sat Nov  9 03:47:04 PST 2019; root:xnu-6153.61.1~20/RELEASE_X86_64" 

There are two things you might try:

  1. You might need to re-accept the Xcode license, with:
sudo xcodebuild -license accept
  1. You might need to re-install command line tools:
xcode-select --install

Also, just in case it's relevant: do you see this behavior in a brand new project as well?

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Thank you. For completeness, new projects also had this issue. For the first command, that actually didn't work; ironically I had to open Xcode to accept the license. After that, I ran the second command, as that was needed.

After a full restart, everything appears to be back to normal.

Thanks again.


Phew, glad you were able to get to the bottom of the issue!

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