Future plans for tutorials? Move to Quarto documents?

The Quarto equivalent guide reports that there is "No equivalent planned" for learnr tutorials.

Is it still true that there are no plans for enabling the creation of tutorials within Quarto docs?

If so, why? Such a capability would be extremely useful!

Also, the lack of plans for such capability make me nervous about how long into the future learnr/tutorials will be supported by Posit.

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Hi @dkane! While there aren't plans for a Quarto-native equivalent format, you can use learnr's interactive exercises and questions in a Shiny-runtime and knitr-powered Quarto document in the same way as you can with rmarkdown::html_document().

Thanks @grrrck ! That seems really interesting. Any pointers to further discussion/examples? I confess to not understanding what the next step would be, even though I am familiar with both tutorials and with Quarto documents . . .

Well, in theory, you should be able to replace output: learnr::tutorial with format: html and change the file extension to .qmd and all of the interactive components should work. That said, I just tried it and there's a lot of room for improvement, most of which are likely the result of minor differences in the pre-rendered HTML structure or differences in CSS styles. Note that quarto/rmarkdown::html_document() won't support things that are specific to learnr::tutorial(), like progressive slides.

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