FR: click to enter path in Files pane

When hopping around directories, point and click can be a pain, especially if I have to scroll. Would be nice if I could click somewhere near the Home > data.table > inst > tests display and just be able to type the relative/absolute path to navigate (e.g., click to the right of tests and that part of the pane becomes a text box pre-filled to ~/data.table/inst/tests)

Many thanks as always
Mike C

Not a solution you are looking for, but just in case if you didn't know, you can also go through your file system in RStudio whenever you put "". Then, if you press Tab it'll bring up the current directory so that you can jump around this way. Once you select file that you need it's path will be between "".

If you click the ... at the far right of the dialog, you'll get a system dialog for opening files, and many of those allow you to provide the requested path directly. For example, on macOS, you can use Cmd + Shift + G while a file dialog is open to provide a path directly. Does that help?

I noticed that... however it seems inferior to Cmd + O, since Cmd + O already opens in the project directory (... appears to open at ~)...

Anyway, this would be a pure convenience feature. Just that I noticed some blank UI space up there where it feels natural that clicking there would create a text box :slight_smile:

Thanks for the extra feedback. We do want to overhaul the Files pane sometime in the future, so this will be something worth considering for us down the road.

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Another FR along the same lines of improving the UI of the Files pane --

The "Up One Level" arrow should always be visible (no scrolling necessary)

There’s now a guide for making IDE feature requests, if you’re interested in writing these up.


Thanks! I swear the Issues page on rstudio's GH page was closed for the longest time :thinking:

It sure was, we opened it up recently. :slight_smile:

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