Exporting datasets from RStudio Cloud

Hi. I'm looking to illustrate using RStudio Cloud as a data cleaning interface for people in companies where IT won't let them install RStudio. Relatively easy to get data in, how do I get final data out in different formats? write.xlsx() from {openxlsx} and export() from {rio} both produce the error below, although write.csv() works OK. Any advice please?

Error: zipping up workbook failed. Please make sure Rtools is installed or a zip application is available to R.
Try installr::install.rtools() on Windows. If the "Rtools\bin" directory does not appear in Sys.getenv("PATH") please add it to the system PATH
or set this within the R session with Sys.setenv("R_ZIPCMD" = "path/to/zip.exe")

Thanks, James

writexl worked fine for me.

births = babynames::births
write_xlsx(births, path = 'births.xlsx')

Not sure what the issue with openxlsx is. The latest version in Github says it no longer requires Rtools, but I am having difficulty installing via devtools.


I read the first part of James' question as "how do I download a data set from R Studio Cloud to my computer", which I haven't figured out how to do either. The Files pane has "upload"; how do you do the corresponding "download"?

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In the Files pane, More menu there is an Export... option:


So there is. Thanks!

Thanks very much Josh. James

I'm not sure how I managed to miss that, but thanks.