Error Loading R (RStudio Desktop for Windows)

I am currently learning R and need to install RStudio Desktop (Windows 11 64-bit) for my current learning requirement.

I had already installed R (4.2.2) from CRAN for the RStudio (2022.12.0+353) to work. But after I installed RStudio and opened it. This happened:


I'm installing both R and RStudio on its default location and tried to choose R directly by clicking the [Browse...] button from the "Choose R Installation" window but it is still showing the error and won't open RStudio

Thank you for the help!

@atthoriq_pp0 Sorry you're running into this. We're actively looking into it, and it's being tracked in RStudio issue 12452.

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Thanks for the information! I didn't know if this is a recent problem so I will wait for the solution soon.

Again, many thanks!

You're welcome, and I'm sorry that this is happening! While we work on resolving this, the previous release— 2022.07.2+576— should work. It's available at the "Older Versions of RStudio" page.

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@rblum Delay to open new version of RStudio

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