Edit the fontsize in powerpoint knited in RMarkdown

I am just learning to write slides in powerpoint by RMarkdown.
Does anyone know how to set the font size? By default, the size is too large.

I used to write word documents by RMarkdown before. Some solutions are to set a reference document like what @cderv suggested (here).
I read the manual written by Yihui and get a similar solution.

title: "Habits"
    reference_doc: my-styles.pptx

However, what I want is near to the setting in the YAMLoptions or the CSS settings

I find a similar question on the SO, but still, there is no answer.

Anyone knows how to solve it?

What is wrong with the reference_doc solution ?
I think this is how pandoc is working for that. Create the style you want in a template document and use it the Rmd using the correct syntax

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