directory error, "the system cannot find the file specified" scripts wont save.

hello R community, i work for an organization where we store our RProjects in a network folder (windows), for some reason i decided to move my Rprojects from 2022 folder on the network to 2023 folder in the network by simply copy/paste. That gave me a weird error, i quickly deleted the files. Now I am unable to save any scripts to the network folder, the error i get is "Error saving in {directory path}: The system cannot find the file specified.". But saving to local drive works. i would appreciate any help. I dont have any code to provide because there is none, just after i create new project in the network folder it wont save any files to that network folder. I've tried reinstalling R and Rstudio completely, that did not help.

My guess is a permissions issue, but I have no recent experience fighting that battle.

hmm with our IT team we've tried restoring my permissions and still nothing... i can save files not through RStudio but through just clicking and creating text files for example. I can also do txt <- "Haello World"
writeLines(txt, "outfile.txt") and it works.

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