Daily Build Crashing on Windows 10

Hey there,

I've been using the daily builds of RStudio for about 3 months now on Windows 10. I'm not sure what happened after version 1.2.735 but every daily build I've installed after this version immediately crashes when I attempt to open the application. The errors are vague:


And if you choose the debug option:

I've also tried installing the preview install of RStudio version 1.2.792 and I have the same error. Given that I haven't seen this issue on this site or in the RStudio Github issues I'm assuming this may be an issue only I am having.

My environment is:

R: 3.5.1    
RStudio: 1.2.798 (not working), 1.2.735 (working)
OS: Windows 10 64bit

I am able to re-install the daily build version 1.2.735 so this is the one I currently use day-to-day. I created a diagnostics report but am not sure who to send it to. I'd appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

Some users reported RStudio crashes being related to the use of outdated video card drivers -- see Preview Release 1.2.747-3 Doesn't open on Windows 10 for more details. Any chance that thread is relevant in your case?


Thanks for the response! Yes, this was the problem. I updated my Intel Graphics drivers by following this and now the daily builds are working. I appreciate the help.

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