Conversation about package equivalent to Advertools? For ex: SEO audit using a tidy approach?

Thank you @Pedro_Magalhaes for your initial question! I posted on LinkedIn for feedback as well as we start to build up this industry community and wanted to share all the great feedback here in one place:

Original Post:

My LinkedIn Post asking for feedback:

Hi, marketing analytics R users :raising_hand_woman:t3: Thanks in advance for your help! Someone asked on the marketing & digital analytics industry channel on the community site if there is a package equivalent to Advertools that they could use - for example for SEO audit using a tidy approach?

Comments / Feedback:

@MarkeD : I don’t know advertools but I have searchConsoleR that gets data from Google, Vincent Terrasi also has some work in this area
@MarkeD : Leszek Siemiński alao has some work here
@rachael : Wonderful. Thank you so much, Mark Edmondson. Leszek S. Would you recommend I share googleSuggestQueriesR? Thank you as well!
LeszekSiemiński: Yes, I'd be very happy!
Leszek Siemiński: I've also created {RAhrefs} for for Ahrefs API integration (SEO, backlinks), {screamingFrogR} for Screaming Frog SEO Crawler automation via CLI and {pagespeedParseR} for Google PageSpeed API integration. However, the two latter would need some refresh. Feel free to check my GitHub: Leszek-Sieminski (Leszek Siemiński) · GitHub
@Rachael: Wow, awesome. Thank you Leszek Siemiński!
AbdulMajedRaj: Awesome :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

Elias Dabbas: advertools was originally written in R :slight_smile: The ancient repo still exists if anyone wants to pick it up/translate. Happy to help otherwise if I can. As mentioned by others, Mark Edmondson's packages are great. GitHub - eliasdabbas/radvertools: Productivity and analysis tools for online marketing
Leszek Siemiński: Elias Dabbas wow, didn't know about that! No one picked it up?
Elias Dabbas: Leszek Siemiński Nope. It's all yours! :slight_smile:
Leszek Siemiński: Elias Dabbas don't tempt me!
Elias Dabbas: Leszek Siemiński “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” -- Oscar Wilde. Or, as Nike says, "Just do it!" :slight_smile:
@Rachael: Thank you Elias Dabbas!! :grinning:
Elias Dabbas: Rachael Dempsey Thanks to you! I'm checking how reticulate works, and it looks great. It works perfectly in most cases, so I'm exploring how this might be supported.

Leszek Siemiński: Mark Edmondson (@MarkeD) created a lot of important packages: searchConsoleR, googleAnalyticsR, youtubeAnalyticsR and gtmR. Ben Woodard and Tim Wilson recently created adobeanalyticsr.
Leszek Siemiński: Rémi Bacha created majesticR and many many more
Leszek Siemiński: There's also a website that tries to aggregate similar R tools, mostly around SEO:
Leszek Siemiński: Last but not least: there's also Google Ads API integration {RAdwords} and for Facebook Ads {rfacebookstat}
Ben Woodard: +1 for {RAdwords}
@Rachael: Wahoo! This is amazing. Thank you! I'm going to copy and paste these over to the marketing & analytics community page where Pedro reached out but would love to open up more conversation there too! Marketing & Digital Analytics - Posit Community

@Pidroz: Hello ! You can find SEO R scripts here Enjoy :innocent:
@Rachael: Thank you Pierre Bruat!



Here's a small notebook exploring two functions from advertools, tested to work in R. The notebook has only R code and no Python.

  • sitemap_to_df: for XML sitemaps conversion to data frames
  • url_to_df: Split a list of URLs into their components and put them in a data frame

I'll be testing others, and see how this can be more completely used in R.

I could definitely use some help with reticulate for some edge cases and data type conversions.

In case you were wondering what the top foods are on the cooking section of (details in the notebook):

Hope this helps, thanks!

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@rachael wow one week away and amazing stuff happen =D. Lot of new stuff to research from the comments many are new to me. May i suggest you create a stick post with package suggestions? There is already a great list here.

eliasdabbas i had no idea it start in R! Love your package and sitemap_to_df function is something i use on a daily baisis!

LeszekSiemiński Are you going to pick up on eliasdabbas package? Can i help? For long i have been looking for an open source project in which i can get envolved (never team up on open source before) this is something i and probably some of my colleagues could contributed =). If you need some help reach me out! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the notebook. That is my approach to with your package. I run using reticulate use tidyverse for the rest. Maybe because i know R for longer than Python i feel that using magrittr pipe easier than pandas.

I believe that there is a line of code somewhere where you import the python package. Something like adv <- import(advertools). Probably is hidden but for new comers it can become confusing :slight_smile: Once agains thanks a lot and for all the work and effort you put on your tools and to share with the world.


Thanks @Pedro_Magalhaes!

Glad to know you are using it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional features, or how to do stuff with existing ones.

Thanks for checking, and sorry for missing the most important line in the notebook! I just fixed it.

Looking at how reticulate and scaffolder work, I'm actually thinking about creating an R wrapper for the package. The work done on those packages is amazing, and makes it very easy for package developers to create wrappers. I just need to familiarize myself more with the details.

I'll let you know, and feel free to share any ideas, suggestions, or help in the mean time.
Thanks again!

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