Citations not working at all in RStudio, latest version, redux


I'm sorry to have to re-open a topic but I couldn't reply to @cderv in time before it was automatically closed.

Basically, when I knit a very simple file such as the one linked below, not only does the code keep being echoed into the HTML, but it also fails to format citations and bibliography—at all. In-text citations are knitted "as-is", and there's no biblio at the end. This is on RStudio 2022.12.0+353 with R 4.2.2, on a MacBook Pro running macOS 13.2.1.

To answer cderv's questions:

  1. I made sure the citations in the example are all matched in the .bib file.
  2. I ticked the box to "Use in-text citations", although I get the impression that RStudio sometimes fails to insert brackets; anyways, I made sure all citations were bracketed.

I'm sure it's at least 99% user error, but I kindly ask you guys for some help. Thanks!

You can find all necessary files here:

  1. index2.qmd — the index file with the main code and text
  2. references2.bib — the biblio file
  3. anesthesiology.csl — the style file for refs and biblio

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