Can't save to UNC path in RStudio 2023.03.0

I'm getting a 'network name cannot be found' message when I to save R scripts to UNC paths within RStudio.
For example, when saving a script called deleteme.R containing the single line print('Hello World!') to UNC path \\my_host\my_share\my_project_directory\deleteme.R, I might get a message that says: "Error saving /my_host/my_share/my_project_directory/deleteme.R. The network name cannot be found".

This error does not occur when I try to save this same script from R (i.e. RGui).

It happens intermittently in RStudio, but frequently enough to be a real problem. The error started happening when I upgraded to RStudio version 2022.12 and continues to happen with version 2023.03.0 Build 386.


We have the same problem here. It is absolutely annoying. It works saving the same file on a local path, moving it to a network folder, opening it from there and saving it. But saving a new R file from R studio on a network folder is not possible. Also, using "Save as" the same problem occurs.

[Window Title] Error Saving File
[Content] Error saving /somecomputer/someshare/test.R: Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden
(Translation: The system cannot find the specified path)

Remarkably, the second slash is missing from the directory in the error message. Therefore, I assume the file path handling is implemented incorrectly when saving new files. (I repeat: the error does only occur with new files and using "Save as", it works saving already existing files.)

Until this is fixed I do not want to update R studio on our clients computers. Thank you.

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This problem is reported in other posts as well, where it has not been resolved either:


The Can't save to UNC path in 2022.12? is us, we still have the problem with 2023.03 too, unfortunately.

Does anyone know how to report bugs like this to the developers? Apparently we get don't get feedback here.

If you have a bug report or feature request to make for RStudio, the best place for it would be the GitHub repository

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