API keys in the future?

In light of the excellent analyses found in This Week's Winners, I've been inspired to create some fun analyses and dashboards around the posts in this community! While a few of the JSON endpoints exposed by Discourse are available without needing authentication, there are still quite a bit of others that require authentication to the site to view the JSON in the browser and are not able to be scraped in a regular R session. Obviously I wouldn't want to touch the admin endpoints, but is there a way for members that achieve certain trust status to earn API keys for the non-admin endpoints? FWIW I've been exploring using Scott Chamberlains's great discgolf package to use in my project and only a few of its functions are able to work without API keys.


It looks like this isn't possible. I don't see an api key we could give you that wouldn't also give the ability to delete users and view emails.

Let me know if you can think of an alternative.