Another update on a native RStudio for Apple Silicon?

I read through Update on R/RStudio support for Apple Silicon Macs? to get a sense of compatibility of R/RStudio with Apple Silicon -- and I know from macos Apple Silicon / universal binary package? (and from dailies) that there is now a Universal installer for RStudio.

But a universal installer is not the same as being Apple Silicon native.

In the first post Jonathan McPherson mentioned:

RStudio's UI needs to get moved over to a framework that supports aarch64 first, and that's a pretty big project.

So: where is Posit on that project? I read in a GitHub thread where in Feb. 2022 "[w]ork is ongoing to produce arm64-native builds of RStudio", and just thought I'd ask where we were today.


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Hi, it's me again! I'm pleased to tell you that the work is done. The UI has been moved to Electron, and the very latest release of RStudio is Apple Silicon native on the front end as well as the back end.

❯ lipo -archs /Applications/
x86_64 arm64

Awesome! Thanks for the follow-up, Jonathan.

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