Add Select... menu to data viewer tab

In addition to Filter, perhaps add a Select menu to the Data Viewer tab. It could be presented with a regex text field search box at the top and a checkbox list of colnames below that.

Useful to restrict the view to a subset of the available columns.

Hi @WilDoane! Welcome!

If you’d like to submit this as a feature request, here's your starting point:
RStudio IDE Guide: Writing Good Feature Requests

I had searched; no other mention of SELECT in an open or closed feature request matched this request.

I specified the requested feature and its location in the UI.

I related the new feature to an existing feature of similar, but orthogonal, functionality.

I specified the behavior of the requested feature.

I offered a use case.

I tagged it as a feature request, as offered by the forum tagging system.

Was there something else lacking from my request in particular that you wanted to bring to my attention?

Oh, did you already file the feature request on GitHub?

I think that's what jcblum was suggesting. GitHub issues are easier to keep track of than threads here — I realise it can be confusing that there are multiple places to discuss these things, but it's nice to have a place to kick around ideas sometimes. If you'd prefer not to, I can open up a Feature Request for the IDE on GitHub, and link back to it here so you can track its progress. (e.g. as Jonathan, one of the IDE developers, did for the thread below).

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