Zotero library not updating within Rmarkdown

Hello, I am currently attempting to use the citation functionality that was added in RStudio 1.4. I have linked my local Zotero library to RStudio using global options. However, when I add new citations to my local Zotero library, RStudio does not recognize them. Restarting the R session, closing/opening RStudio, and restarting the computer do not cause the new citations to show up. I am loving this new feature, but I can't make sense of why RStudio can't detect new citations. Any thoughts as to what is going on here?

Thank you!

MacOS Big Sur, v. 11.2.1
R version 4.0.2 (2020-06-22)
RStudio Desktop, v. 1.4.1103

Have you enabled the web connection?

Have you got zotero open?

Zotero is open. Changing the library from local to web allows me to access the new citations, can serve as a workaround for the time being. Thanks!

How do you enable web connection, please?

On the wrong computer right now. But in settings there should be something that then opens the zotero online and allows you to generate an API key?

Settings on R? Will have a look, thanks!

Yes on the citation button.

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How strange, it works in visual editor but not the source editor...works for now, but means I need to put my citations in in visual editor mode.


The Zotero integration only works on the visual editor mode at the moment. There is a feature request to bring that back to the source code editor mode: https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues/7876


Ah that explains it! Thank you

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