Zotero citations in R


I am trying to reference my papers in an R markdown script. I think I have too many things going on...
First I have the better bib add in, where I can click addins > citations > add citation.

I also have a bibliography line in my YAML, which is a bibliography of the references I have made in my text.

bibliography: references.bib

I can also add a reference with a keyboard shortcut which allows me to load my Zotero library (the whole thing) and supposedly reference using that (

). However when I try to add a new citation, not all my papers appear, even though I know it is in the Zotero library, and I have its citation key.

I also can't seem to just copy a citation key direct into markdown, say I know the citation key of the paper, and I just enter it [@reference], when I knit it comes up with ?reference and can't link it.

So am I doing too much at once? Expecting too much? I just want to be able to easily reference while I write my paper in markdown.


Try taking a look here Zotero library not updating within Rmarkdown

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