Zotero API for group libraries in RStudio Desktop

I'm trying to connect RStudio Desktop to Zotero for group libraries and through the API key generated by Zotero.

On RStudio
Tools -> Global Options -> R Markdown -> Citations
I changed the Zotero Library to "Web", entered my Zotero Web API Key and click "Verify Key".

From that I get an error box that says "Unable to verify Zotero API key. You should verify that your API key is still valid, and if necessary create a new key"

I have generated multiple new API keys through Zotero and get the same error each time. I've also deleted all of the API keys that didn't work from Zotero so there isn't a conflict on that.

I'm not sure what else to do. I'm not clear if RStudio Desktop connects to Zotero through the API, or if that works only in RStudio Server?

I'm using RStudio Desktop (v. 2022.07.0 "Spotted Wakerobin) on Windows 10. Also Zotero desktop (v6.0.20), but not sure if Zotero desktop version would matter in this case?

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