Zooming in on a plot crashes RStudio

Since I updated RStudio to the latest version (1.2.1335 at time of writing) on Windows, any time I hit the "Zoom" icon in the "Plots" window, my RStudio session crashes forcing me to close it down. This is on any plot.

Related to this, the other issue I have had since installing the new version, is that any time I close RStudio, I get the pop-up message, "RStudio has stopped working..." (the same as in the above plot zoom scenario).

I re-installed RStudio but this did not fix the problem.

Anyone have a solution to this?

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Do you have any better luck if you switch to software rendering? https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017886674-Troubleshooting-RStudio-Rendering-Errors

It would also be helpful to know what operating system you're running with.

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I will give this a try thanks.

The operating system is Windows 7.

I managed to solve this, thanks to the link supplied above (ie https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017886674-Troubleshooting-RStudio-Rendering-Errors).

When I tried to change the "Rendering Engine" within RStudio by selecting the dropdown box on the Tools > Global Options > General > Advanced tab, my RStudio again crashed like before.

So instead, I went into my desktop.ini file in the %APPDATA%\Roaming\RStudio\ folder and added desktop.renderingEngine=software under the General section and this seemed to fix the problems I was having.

Thanks to kevinushey for the solution!


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