Your thoughts and impressions about rstudio::conf 2018

WOW. Just wow.
The conference is over and I can't believe the time went by so fast.
In my book, this conference goes down in history. Organization, location, content, speakers, community... all are unmatched. I will never be the same person again, lol.

I invite everyone to share your thoughts on this RStudio Conference.
Hopefully you completed the survey, too. If you don't - please do.

I agree the conference was stellar - it was very well planned from both a content and a logistics standpoint. Highlights for me were Di Cook's keynote, the tidy-2 session (particularly Max Kuhn's talk), and the programming session. I learned so much and came home with a whole slew of notes and ideas! Location was awesome, social events rocked, and they kept us well fed. I will definitely be returning next year!

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This was my first one and I really liked it. Compared to other conferences I've been to it was great because I didn't feel bombarded with vendors selling to me, just discussing ways to get things done which I liked.

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