Your license will expire in 14 days

Dear All,

I have been running Rstudio Cloud in my class for some time. Today when I open Rstudio Clound in my Chrome browser, I got a message at the bottom of my browser saying "You license will expire in 14 days." Then I googled for Rstudio Cloud licensing options but there does not seem to be any.

Will it actually expire?

Many thanks.


Also, what are the licensing options for Rstudio Cloud (for universities in particular), anyway?


Hi Shige!

The licensing issue should now be resolved. If you still notice it on a running project don't worry, the next time your project stops/starts the message will go away. This was not a licensing issue related to your use of, but instead an internal validation issue.

We don't currently have licensing options available for this product, as it is currently in alpha.

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Thanks, Steven. That clarifies things.


Hey Steve! Another year, another RStudio Cloud license expiration notice?

ha! we're fixing it presently!