ylab showing error

I am using a base function boxplot in R. When i try "ylab "function and write name I get the wrong label name in y-axis in my boxplot. Please help me. the data is given below:


A tibble: 5 × 3
  Pre_fog   Fog Post_fog
    <dbl> <dbl>    <dbl>
1    4.94  5.54     4.86
2    5.24  5.44     4.97
3    4.8   5.32     4.59
4   NA     5.53     4.77
5   NA     5.54    NA   

I tried the following code and added ylab= "shannon diversity index". After running the following
boxplot(FOGG, ylab="shannon diversity index"). it shows sharron diversity index on y label.
Pleae help me i am so frustrated.

Your code works just as expected for me. I can't imagine why shannon would be replaced with sharron. If I saw that, I would restart RStudio.

FOGG <- tribble(
~Pre_fog,   ~Fog, ~Post_fog,
  4.94,  5.54,     4.86,
  5.24,  5.44,     4.97,
 4.8,   5.32,     4.59,
   NA,     5.53,     4.77,
   NA,     5.54,    NA
boxplot(FOGG, ylab="shannon diversity index")

Created on 2022-11-03 with reprex v2.0.2

I restarted R studio ,the problem was still there .I don't know what to do.

Can you post a reproducible example (reprex)

FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners - meta / Guides & FAQs - RStudio Community

In another machine the code works fine, but the same code shows my problem in my Rstudio. I will post pictures of that graph which i obtained..