Yet Another COVID-19 Dashboard - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Yet Another COVID-19 Dashboard

Authors: Hesham Rafi, Balacoumarane Vetrivel, Gi Eun Kwak
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the trajectory of the world for the foreseeable future. It’s impact is being felt the world over and as data scientists, conversant in R and R Shiny, we felt a responsibility to create an easy to understand visual dashboard from the wealth of data out there to demonstrate the impact the virus has been having on our lives from physical, economic, and social perspectives. We provide some overall parameters of the global trends, but focus more on Singapore where we are based. We plan to expand coverage to other parts of Asia as well. We, however, have pointedly avoided the common pitfall of making life and death predictions from the data as we believe those are best left to trained epidemiologists, virologists, and public health experts. We certainly hope they can use our dashboard to get a general sense of trends. Hence our self-effacing title "Yet Another COVID Dashboard".

Full Description: Yet Another COVID Dashboard

We gratefully acknowledge all the work done data scientists around the world, who have taken a stab at the data from multiple angles and created their own dashboards. So have we. We believe our dashboard will be able to answer the following pertinent questions during the time of this global crisis.

  • How are the major financial indicators behaving during this pandemic??
  • Global tracker of the COVID-19 fatalities, recovery rates, and infection rates.
  • What is the twitter world saying about COVID-19?
  • Is the COVID-19 near me (Singapore)?
  • A search functionality to check the distance between you and the nearest cluster (for Singapore)
  • Where does one go if they are sick (Singapore)?
  • A search and mapping functionality to the nearest PHPC clinic (for Singapore)

We also plan to expand the dashboard to the rest of Asia (India, Japan, Korea, and other major countries in Southeast Asia)

Category: Consulting
Keywords: covid-19 Trends, covid-19 dashboard, covid-19 Singapore, covid-19sg, Mapbox, Twitter, Plotly
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Repo: GitHub - covid19sg/dashboard
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