Y axis is showing log values in ggplot

Hi guys,

Below is my code :

ggplot(daily_activity_new , aes(x = day_of_the_week, y = calories)) + geom_col(fill='dark green')
labs(x = 'Day of week', y = 'Calories burned', title = 'Total calories burned in a week')

on the output, the y-axis values show 3e+05, etc instead of numeric values. Please help as to why this is happening and how can I change it


Try adding + and then

scale_y_continuous(labels = comma)

By the way, your y axis is in scientific notation, not logarithmic values.


Note that the labels = comma refers to the scales package. Just to avoid confusion, better type labels = scales::comma.

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Hey, thanks for the info on it being scientific notation.. This worked!! Really appreciate your help.

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