Y-axis in geom_bar


The "Profundidad " data reaches up to 7280 meters. I don't know why it puts those values ​​on my y axis.
The code I used is the following: ggplot(foramtotal, aes(assemblage, depth)) +geom_bar("identity", fill="blue") + ggtitle ("Localización") + ylab("Profundidad (m)") + xlab ("Estado") theme_classic() .
The assemblage variable is chr and depth is numeric.
What can I do to make my y-axis correctly follow the values ​​between 0 and 7280 meters?

Hi @Namim, try to put a reproducible example in this way:


# Maybe if you divide the y axis between 1000
ggplot(foramtotal, aes(assemblage, depth/1000)) +geom_bar("identity", fill="blue") + ggtitle ("Localización") + ylab("Profundidad (m)") + xlab ("Estado") theme_classic()
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Please post the output of


It works :eye::lips::eye:
Thank you so much

When the values I want to show are very large and I don;'t want to use scientific notation, I often use

scale_y_continuous(labels = scales::label_number(scale_cut = scales::cut_short_scale()))

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