XporterXplorer - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Joshua Kunst
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: A shiny app to explore international trade data

Full Description: This is a mix of things! First of all this app is a revisit of an old project http://www.piaschile.cl/mercado/benchmarking-internacional/ (spanish) which is a shinyapp that I whished to present in the previous contest :(. So I reworked some previous ideas :slight_smile: like:

  • Sparkline in a valueBox (hope I can make a post about this soon!)
  • Stylize the app so it doesn't look like a usual shiny app.

And join them with some new ones:

  • Using the color in the chart subtitle for make more readable the legends.
  • Try using htmlwidgets as background to try make the app more dinamic (wip)
  • Using some nice shinyextensions like shinyWidgets


  • This app use tradestatistics and economiccomplexity packages for the data retrieval and get some indicators. Thanks to @pachamaltese for his knowledge.
  • dplyr, purrr and friends for data processing.
  • colorfindr to get the "main color" of a country given its flag (this was a fun part, code in the project/repo).
  • shinydashboard (yep! is a shiny dashboard app) valueBox es for the win.
  • shinyWidgetsfor some buttons and the nice big pickerInput.
  • highcharter for charts.

I hope you like it and bring you some ideas.

Category: Shiny extensions
Keywords: dashboard, trade data, experiments, shiny extensions, styling, learning
Shiny app: http://jbkunst.shinyapps.io/trd-sttstcs
Repo: GitHub - jbkunst/trd-sttstcs
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


Full image:

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