XML Parser - internal error: Huge input lookup

Hi there,

I am trying to parse XML data and getting the below error
internal error: Huge input lookup

Here are the codes:
xml.url <- "Collection : <? echo $this_gname; ?>"
getRSS <- function(xml.url){
medbio <- getURL(xml.url)
doc <- xmlParse(medbio)
root <- xmlRoot(doc)
rss <- xmlSApply(root, function(x) xmlSApply(x, xmlValue))
newdf <- data.frame()
for (i in 3:length(rss)) {
df <- data.frame(t(rss[i]$item))
newdf <- rbind(newdf, collectAuthors(df))

newdf <- cbind("id" = sprintf("%1.0f", 1:nrow(newdf)), newdf)
rssdf <- getRSS(xml.url)

Error comes from doc <- xmlParse(medbio)$

Please help me.

With package xml2 I can read the file in the following way.
I suppose that will also work with the package you use (XML ?).

doc1 =xml2::read_xml(url,options = c("COMPACT", "HUGE"))

I found the information about the options by 'googling' on your error message in stackoverflow.

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