xelatex fail to show characters in rmarkdown

when my text has symbols like ( alpha , Beta .. ) they don't appear when I knit pdf, but they do when the output is HTML or anything else. I tried using xelatex or Luatex as latex_engine but didn't work as well. does any one have the same issue ? this is what I used:

title: "FILE_NEW"
   number_sections: yes
   latex_engine: xelatex
  word_document: default
    df_print: paged
toc: yes
toc-depth: 10


# Background

I really don't know why symbols don't appear when I knit pdf, this is an example:
IL-1β , IFN-γ

I'd cut and paste it but Rmd doesn't place nicely with the discourse rendering engine

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 8.18.54 PM

not working, specially in case I copy and paste from another source which has a lot of these characters, I figured that's the only way to do so is changing the mainfont

Many, but not all, \LaTeX characters work with the default latex-engine set in the global or projects options.

Untitled.pdf (74.6 KB)

that's right, I tried both pdfLatex and xelatex engines and didn't work, but I think I need some greek font package to support Latex better, at least foe some special characters maybe.

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