XeLatex compilation from quarto failing after update to 1.2.269

I'm using quarto in RStudio (windows version 2022.07.2 Build 576) to compile a markdown document with xelatex. Until now I was using the quarto 1.1... version, all was working fine. Today I have updated to version 1.2.269 and I can't compile my document, the xelatex call hangs in a 'updating tlmgr' call. It generates .tex output but RStudio never ends, However my TexLive installation is updated, as I have checked manually with tlmgr. TexWorks is able to compile this .tex file and generate the correct pdf file. Any advice about what can be wrong with quarto after this update? Thanks in advance
screen copy showing the issue

What is your TeX Live version ? Are you still able to install some packages from a CTAN mirror ?

It is possible that a Quarto update triggered the need for a new CTAN package for new feature in LaTeX, and that trying to download it does not work.

It is a long shot because it seems everything works find for you outside of Quarto.

Does it error at some point so that we could have a stack trace ? or just hang and we can't really know where ? :thinking:

The issue is solved, thanks.
I had both tinytex and TexLive 2022 installed
Quarto was calling tinytex even if I had unchecked the box "use tinytext when compiling .tex files" in
Tools > Global Options > Sweave
It seems tinytex was unable to load or selfupdate to load the required packages so it hung up
I have uninstalled tinytex, once tinytex removed, quarto calls TexLive correctly and everything is running ok again.

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Yes I don't think this option controls Quarto behavior. It will control how the IDE compile .tex to PDF directly when in source editor

Awesome. Quarto should use any TeX Live found on the system but also provide a way to install and use its own using TinyTeX.

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