xcode installed but not working on Mac

I tried library(ibd) and got the error that I needed to install xcode. After installing xcode, when I run library(ibd) it just loads for hours and nothing happens. I tried reinstalling xcode but it didn't help. Loading other libraries works just fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

In the past when I've had xcode problems, they have only been solved after restarting the computer after the xcode install. Have you already tried that?

Apologies if you've already been restarting, just thought I'd check. I don't know where to go from there if it's still not working after you restart--maybe someone with more xcode experience could chime in here.

Thank you for the suggestion, I have tried restarting. I noticed other libraries which require xcode work just fine, so I am starting to think it's an issue with the ibd library itself.

Yeah, that sounds right. I'm sorry I couldn't help you more, and I hope someone who knows more about the ibd library can be of assistance!

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