xaringan slides not rendering properly when deployed on github pages

Hello RStudio Community,

I have created slides using xaringan and pushed it: https://github.com/UW-Upwelling-Project/upwelling-howard. My slides are named index.Rmd and index.html.

I wanted to deploy my slides online, so I followed this blog post: https://silvia.rbind.io/blog/deploying-xaringan-slides/ and typed usethis::use_github_pages(branch = "main").

This function puts my xaringan slides on a url: https://uw-upwelling-project.github.io/upwelling-howard/#1

However, my slides don't render properly...it doesn't look the same as the ones on my local system...

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Hi @howardbaek,

You need to make sure you upload the presentation assets (i.e. CSS, images, etc.) that your presentation needs to render properly. Did you upload the libs/ directory and any other assets used in your presentation?

Based on the errors in the console it looks like your index.html can't find the necessary resources, which suggests those files weren't uploaded alongside the presentation.

I commit/pushed the libs/ directory, and that solved it. Thank you soo much @mattwarkentin !

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