xaringan slides - change base font color


I am struggling to see how I can change the base text color in xaringan via custom css - h1 etc. is fine. The problem is really just the "normal" text.

body {
    font-family: 'Ubuntu';
    color: #mycolor;

does not work.


How do you specify this in your YAML header ? The CSS rule should work ok.

It works if I used css chunk to change style from within the document

title: "Changing CSS"
  xaringan::moon_reader: default

```{css, echo = FALSE}
body {
  color: red;

# Hello 

Some content


# Hello 2

Another Content


You could be interested in this package to style xaringan presentation

Thanks! A bit embarassing but my test color was too dark - it already worked but was almost indistinguishable from black x/ Red did the trick! Apologies and maybe it helps someone else googling for it...

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