Xaringan & remark "includePresenterNotes" option


In xaringan, the "nature:" options are mainly options that are send to remark.create.

remark.create have the following option :

 // Value indicates if presenter notes should be visible or not.
  // Default: true
  // Alternatives: false
  includePresenterNotes: true,

however if I try to use includePresenterNotes: false in my "Nature" Section.. I still have the presenter notes. Any hint ? is it a bug ?

My header :

        includePresenterNotes: false
        countdown: 20000
    css: [default, hygge]


this feature was added in last version of remark.js. See

However, remark-latest.min.js that xaringan uses, it not using this 0.15.0 version. There should be some issue because they revert the last version

It still in release cycle

That why it does not work in xaringan. You can use the last version 0.15.0 with Xaringan with this

    chakra: https://remarkjs.com/downloads/remark-0.15.min.js
      includePresenterNotes: false

But you may encounter new issues because it seems 0.15 broke some stuff for users

Hope it helps !

Thanks for the complete answer !

That's good news, just have to wait (or try the new unstable version).

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