Xaringan R Markdown presentations from RStudio


while having fun with RStudio 1.1.383 (I really dig the Dark theme! :night_with_stars:), I noticed that the options to build an R presentation with R Markdown are Beamer (ugh!), ioslides (nice), and Slidy (never tried, but I heard good things). However, personally I'm a huge fan of xaringan and I was wondering if you would consider the idea of adding it to the default options....it would be nice, IMO, to have a "library" of xaringan themes, like in a famous commercial program to write presentation :slight_smile: Of course, I'm not proposing something as bloated as that: one thousand themes, of which 990 are ugly, would be useless. But three or four main themes could help the average user switch from the some unnamed commercial alternatives, to writing presentations in R.

I noticed that RStudio offers .Rpres also, which I didn't know about. These look really nice, nicer to me than the default ioslides presentation: they do resemble a bit the average xaringan presentation, but I could be mistaken. However, I have the impression that they aren't very customizable. If my impression is correct, then a xaringan alternative could be potentially quite attractive.

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Isn't it at the bottom of the From Template section?

In the "From Template" part I can only see these two options:

The second one is for vignettes, not presentations. Do you mean some other menu?

What version of RStudio are you on. That looks like what was there a year or so ago?

Having said that, not putting it under 'Presentations' can be misleading

My version is 1.1.383:

Running on Windows 10 64 bit. I don't know if this information can help

I have same config so am ata loss. Here is what my pane looks like


I'm sure someone will be on soon to sort the issue

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Do you have the xaringan package installed ?


Whoops! I did have xaringan installed before, but I just updated R today, so I lost all packages :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I installed manually (usually pacman takes care of installing for me...but I haven't been working on my presentation today) and here it is:


Good point. I had forgotten that I had installed all of those over time. Guess all '?' should be investigated:grin:

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