Wrong class input when geting the centroid of an hypervolume

Hi! I have been working with creting a hypervolume from a dataset for some time, and after some tweaking and scaling I have been able to create a hypervolume with seemingly no errors or issues. My problem is that when I try to get the centroid from this hypervolume with the get_centroid function, I get this error:

dataCeltisaustralis <- df.clim.occ_wider %>% filter(., species == "Celtis australis") %>%
select(mean_temperature, mean_precipitation, seasonality_temperature, seasonality_precipitation)
scaledCeltisaustralis<- scale(dataCeltisaustralis)
Error in get_centroid(scaledCeltisaustralis) : Wrong class input.

The data seems fine and the hypervolume gives me no error back, so I am not sure of what I have done wrong. Any idea on what could be the problem?

R functions very rarely transform their inputs 'in-place' and typically are content to return their transformation to the calling environment. The user has the option to assign such results to a name for further use; you haven't assigned a name to the result of hypervolume(scaledCeltisaustralis)
that would be something like
my_hypvol_from_scaled <- hypervolume(scaledCeltisaustralis)
and then

I see. I will try it this way. Thanks a lot.

It did work. By giving the hv a new name the centroid function works with no issue.

hv_scaled_celtisaustralis<- hypervolume(scaledCeltisaustralis)

mean_temperature mean_precipitation seasonality_temperature seasonality_precipitation
-0.12817002 0.14713055 0.05883073 0.04829626

Thank you very much for your help.

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