Wrap LearnR App Inside an existing ShinyApp

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I am creating a shiny app dashboard that has the tabs "home", "Tutorial", "Run Experiments" and "About" in the shinydashboard::Sidebar(). I am looking for a way to wrap an existing learnR App into the Shinydashboard tutorial lab, so that when the "Tutorial" button is clicked the learn R rmd doc is loaded and an interactive tutorial starts immediately. Are there any links I can read to be able to implement this solution?

so far I found this solution here r - How do I embed tutorial questions from 'learnr' into a full shiny app? - Stack Overflow

The solution proposed by Phil is what I will use.... create learnr tutorial, then publish and finally embed in my other shiny app. If there is a better way, please let me know, but for now this seems to be a good solution. Thanks to Phil Mike Jones and Carolyn Saund.

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